Lisa with her suppliers

Suppliers are Marketland characters behind every shipment of your store goods and products. Each supplier can be responsible for quick delivery, really profitable, and mass shipments. Each shipment time level has its own perks and cons such as Marketland Coin costs, experience profited, and stock added to the display. Six total suppliers exist in Marketland being Aiko, Bernard, Eric, Janice, Laura and Bernard.

Supplier DeliveriesEdit

Each supplier has different time levels required when delivering stocks to their displays. The times are split into three different groups of speedy, intermediate, and lengthy times with corresponding Marketland Coin costs:

  • Quick Delivery - Speediest order time, small stock delivered, least coin cost to purchase
  • Really Preferrable - Intermediate order time, most medium stock delivered, coin levels in-between Quick Delivery and Mass Shipment orders
  • Mass Shipment - Lengthiest order time, largest amount of stock delivered, most expensive coin costs.

Each supplier is also head of shipment style in each display grouping (i.e. Rupert - Quick Delivery - Produce). Below are the current listings of the heads of each shimpent in each department. This list, as the game progresses and more information comes in, will change as Marketland continues. The supplier list is below:

Aiko Edit

Quick Delivery - Edit

Bernard Edit

Mass Shipment - Edit

Eric Edit

Mass Shipment - Edit

Janice Edit

Quick Delivery - Edit

Laura Edit

Quick Delivery - Edit

Rupert Edit

Quick Delivery - Edit